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How Guys Should Dress When They Are in Their Twenties

OK. You just got out of college. You are ready to take the world. You are in your experimental stage. Like you, many men at this age don’t know how to dress. Either they experiment too much or they don’t experiment at all. To tell you honestly, now is the right time, with your character and age, to experiment and you can get away with it. Here are some tips.

Trendy Casual Style for Boys in Their Twenties

Find something that fits
Gone are the days that you can wear something that is three sizes larger. Now is the time to slim down, not body-wise but clothes-wise. Ditch everything that is too baggy.

Ditch the bootleg
T-shirt and jeans are stapled for a weekend getaway. Just pair your jeans with straight leg cut jeans. Wear a fashionable sneaker, if you please, At night time, a button down polo will just do the trick and combine it with a basic blazer.

design tee

Invest in classics
Invest in the basic clothing pieces and these are not shirts. These are tailored blazers, jeans and custom t-shirts. Those that are not shapeless. Ditch the logos and switch to plain monochromatic tees and button downs. You know, the classic. Not for kiddies.

For black-tie events, choose black.
That’s the reason why it’s called as is. This is the best choice of clothing when you are at your age. You just can get away with a color like that. A two-button suit with a French-cuffed shirt, lace-ups and a bow tie will complete your look. Please don’t buy clip-ons. You are not a child anymore.

When you go for an interview, don’t wear black.
Just keep it simple. Perhaps you are going for your first ever interview so you would want to make a good impression, nothing to presumptuous. Never wear monograms or nigh-end watches. And please don’t wear boxy hand-me down trouser from Dad. You might not get that job.

Here are some more tips on men’s fashion-

So you’ve decided that you want to find men’s fashion…but you want cheap men’s fashion. So you’ve decided on that…but you don’t know where exactly to go. Now, on one hand, you can go to the store and buy clothes. But clothes are expensive—and one thing that many people don’t want to do is spend a whole bunch on a new outfit. So the question is—what exactly can you do?

You Can Find Cheap & Stylish Clothes in Thrift Stores

First of all, find your local, BIG thrift shops. The ones that are located in your local tourist stop are more likely to have more popular clothing. Check there if possible. See what is located all over the store—you might be surprised as to what you can find.

Next, check your local thrift shops. They are less likely than your more popular thrift stores to have the cheap men’s fashions that you are searching for—but they are still a great place to start.

Before you buy, you need to look over your clothing carefully to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it that may require you repair. Take the time to really, really, really examine what you’re planning on buying. If you have a friend who is good at repairing clothes or you know how to sew yourself, you can probably find a few even cheaper deals. However, make sure you recognize when it’s a lost cause and you probably won’t be able to repair it. This is just one important thing that you should remember about men’s fashion