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Getting Out Of A Stuck Elevator

Life is a roller coaster ride. You must be prepared for the ups and downs in it and react calmly at all times. While it is easier to say, being calm at all times is just not possible in day to day life. Definitely not when your elevator stops functioning and you are stuck inside! You are lucky if you have not faced this situation before. However there is no guarantee that you will not go through this situation in your life in future. So here are a few fundamental steps that you need to follow when you are inside an elevator and it gets stuck suddenly. Whether your lift is stuck due to a small technical fault or a big issue, you need to keep calm and follow these:

 Physical and mental calmness

This is the first point that you need to take care of, when you are inside a stuck elevator.  You have to be mentally calm as when you start to panic, it starts affecting you physically as well. While it is perfectly normal to be tensed, you should always remember that help will reach you soon once you have pressed the emergency button. When there are other people along with you in the lift, try to joke around and alleviate the heaviness inside. When you panic physically or mentally, you make rescue operations quite difficult for the escalator service providers. Go here to have a detailed information about escalator services and much more.

 Use the lights

When you are inside the lift and when it is dark, the first thing that you need to is to switch on the light. This is very important especially when there are a group of people or kids inside the elevator. If you are not able to locate the switch or if the lights are not functioning inside the lift, use the torch or flash lights of your mobile phone. Most of the times, darkness is the main reason of panic among kids and adults. Once there is some source of light available, it brings down the fear factor by a great extent.

 Shout for help / constant pressing of buttons

If the emergency call button inside the lift stops functioning, you can scream out for help. You have to make yourself heard if you need instant help. If that doesn’t work too, try pressing the alarm, open and close buttons inside the lift many times. Sometimes the lift would have got stuck because of some tightness in these buttons. Constant pressing of these buttons can loosen them and restore the elevator to its normal function. As a last resort, you can call your emergency care center like fire service, police stations etc. if you have mobile coverage inside the elevator. In many cases, mobile coverage is not available in jammed lifts. Elevator safety reports are made by professionals like ILCPL to help you more in these kind of situations.