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Malnutrition- A Global Plaque That Needs An Integrated Effort

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Latest News about Health | Comments Off on Malnutrition- A Global Plaque That Needs An Integrated Effort

In the globally challenged society there is a high need to understand the fragments that need to be connected urgently. Simply having an effort to combine such strings may not be a worthy catch but it is advisable to think of aspects where things get a clearer picture. Lets a take a deep ground into this object here numerous problems are cropping up every season and there is usually a case where you tend to be tensed about what’s going on attitude. Well, yes it is because of the accounts that we face on a regular basis. Firstly, there is no discrimination in terms of the disparities that are cropping in. We have loads of discrimination in terms of ups and downs and also the diseases that are cropping and paralyzing our society in a big chunk. On one hand we say that dietitians are really important in life and on the other hand some people sans basic needs. Go here to find out detailed information about dietitians and their working environment.

Common disease which catches our attention:

There are a lot of things that need to be addressed at this hour and yes we only can better guide them to get solved. One cannot forgo the fact that such diseases are a result of our own faults. Diseases like malnutrition can be depicted as one among them. Let’s try to make it clear with a fact that we should be more attentive and guided in terms of nutrition and its proper distribution channel. Now did we made our effort to play the game, probably we missed the slot and so there is a dearth in terms of no food or no nutrient to people. The children tend to suffer a lot and it is very awful to see and hear the cries of the innocent babies and tender minds.

No less than a plaque:

The disease has taken a status of a possible run through which has entered our area and gone into many new aspects of life. It has crossed things which are now turning to be an obstacle for all of us. It is certainly going to make us think seriously on the major aspect of nutritional values and the remedies that we can certainly take on.  What is more important is to figure out where is the maximum proximity of this danger is and where to start on with. It is not a single hand job to get done but requires a lot of efforts and patience to answer the big question of the scene. We cannot draw line for just keeping intact of the serious problem but should also be sure of how to invest the minimum standards of nutrition so that things don’t take a U turn at the early level and leave us blank totally.

Let’s get a bit of togetherness to play wholesome for us and prepare the line to benefit ourselves and fight against this dangerous plot in a single plate and absolutely with a victory to mark its end.

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Latest News on Health

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Latest News about Health, Researchers News | Comments Off on Latest News on Health

Here are some of the latest and most important news that deal with our health and with medicine in general.Surgeons who spend a lot of time in their ORs like to relax during their surgeries, and they usually do that by playing some music. However, according to a recent study, this music could in fact be hindering them from doing a good job, rather than relaxing them. It was shown that the music could be off-putting.

Researchers from the Government of the United Kingdom have come to the conclusion that everyone who lives in a country sun-300x194that does not seem to get enough sunlight throughout the year, should start taking vitamin D supplements. They suggest that pregnant women, children under the age of 5 an older people, over the age of 65 should especially take it. Also, they have mentioned that the risks of getting too much vitamin D in your system if extremely low, so there is no worry that you might overdo it.

luminol_after_1Researchers have recently discovered that a very unusual thing could help us fight malaria – a luminal spray. You might not know what that is when you hear its name, but you definitely will once we tell you what it is used for – cops and forensics use it to spray the crime scene in order to see all the specs of blood that are invisible to ne naked eye. In was shown that this spray contains luminal, as the very name of it suggests, but this luminal could be used to trigger amino acids that could be used for fight against malaria parasites that can be found in blood of the malaria patients. So, luminal could help us fight the malaria parasites in our blood, and we know that thanks to Paul Sigala, who conducted this research.

It appears that the new Ebola vaccine, called the VSV-EBOV has proven to be quite effective, and that it might put an end to the Ebola scare, which was rather huge a couple of months ago, when the outbreak of this disease occurred in Western Africa. Now that the protection against this disease is at 100% due to this new vaccine, a lot of people will sleep much better tonight.


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Recently, it was announced that a big discovery was made when it comes to the early detection of the prostate cancer in patients. Earlier, the only way to discover this type of cancer was when it got to a more advanced stage, and even after it was discovered, the most the patient could live was another five years. However, the doctors have now discovered a way to find out if a patient has a prostate cancer via a simple urine test. It was proven that only people with this cancer have a signature protein in their urine, and thanks to that, doctors could detect this illness with their patients a lot earlier, and the patients could lead much longer lives than they ever could in the past.

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